Hello, i’m Jess and I live in Burlington, Ontario where I study Interior Decorating at Sheridan College. My home and heart is filled by a loving, compassionate boyfriend, Kyle, and a small adorable little tabby cat named Nismo. My little boy (yes, I do mean my cat) is one year old and unfortunately, suffers from a slightly rare/uncommon urinary disease. My life consists of school, work and cuddle times with my little family. My hobbies are extensive, which if you keep up to date with my blog, you will soon realize.

This is my third attempt at post secondary school, and so far my most successful and inspiring. I previously went to school for both Photography and Business and dropped out of both almost shortly after starting. I did not feel a drive or longing to complete my classes or even pay attention and learn. Only 4 weeks away from completing my first out of four semesters in my program and could not be happier with the decision I made to pursue school again.

I promise to not be bland with my post, it won’t all be about my schooling. I will try and throw you some curve balls and interesting stories and maybe just keep you up to date with my current life situations.

Thank you for visiting!