End of Semester Sickness

Today is Tuesday April 11th, and last Wednesday, April 5th my boyfriend presented with cold symptoms. he was sick for a few days…

I am in my last 2 weeks of my semester focusing on getting all of my final assignments done. Because of this I did not kiss him… I didn’t touch him and I wouldn’t let cuddle me, I could not afford to get sick…

Then BAMM… I get hit with one nasty cold. Tomorrow morning I have a presentation on a design concept for a client who is renting a condo. I have to present my design boards tomorrow and unfortunately my throat has been hoarse for days.

My stupid boyfriend and his stupid cold… now I’m stuck suffering with this cold and trying to get my assignments done. Which unfortunately for me, I have a much worse immune system then my boyfriend so a cold that lasts him a few days, last me a few weeks…

2 weeks ago I was in the hospital with abdominal pain and found out I had an ovarian cyst and had to miss some classes then as well. This has not been my month, but what else can I do.

Work my butt off it is.

I currently have 2 out of 5 of my final assignments completed and one week to finish them… So now I’m going to end this very short blog post/rant and go finish my assignments!


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