What Am I Doing With My Life... ?

To Pick an Aesthetic or To Not Pick an Aesthetic… ?

So, as a beginner in this whole design and decorating world, let me just start off by saying… WTF?

Yesterday at a lecture about social media marketing (hence the start of this blog), we were stressed on the importance of picking your aesthetic before you finish school. But what if you just have so many aesthetics? How do you condense them into just one?

Like for me, I love the use of wood and natural items like brick and stone. I love lighter bright colors, like pastels. Soft hues and values of most secondary and tertiary colors. I love gold and silver accents, and just like any girl I am obsessed with rose gold. Lastly, as you can tell, I love marble. I think it’s so beautiful., and such a nice touch to any kitchen or tile work. So what would you call my aesthetic? Seriously, I would like your comments on what you think it is? I’m still learning!

As a mixed girl… and I do mean mixed as in a country and city (well more suburbs) girl, my taste changes based on the scenario and scenery that surrounds me. If I was in a high rise in downtown Toronto I would incorporate grey scale stone and soft muted colors with some metallic accent and straight edges. But if I was in a farm home in the country I would incorporate A LOT of wood and rustic finishes, no metallic what so ever. My style is so diverse I really don’t know how I am going to ever pick an aesthetic.

And that’s just it, isn’t it? You feel like you could possibly fail your whole career on the basis that you don’t know how to pick your aesthetic or differentiate your styles. What if by the time I finish school my style is still so diverse… I mean I only have a year left and really wish to be extremely successful in this career choice of mine.

Could I become successful if I don’t pick one aesthetic, or I choose that my aesthetic is my diversity in style. I truly need a saving grace when it comes to this.

But anyways, I should probably end this relentless questioning of what I am doing with my life.. Since I should be doing an assignment right now instead of posting about this…

Procrastination at it’s finest!


P.S. Isn’t this just the cutest little terrarium?


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