Decade Design

Designs and decor of different decades are extremely fascinating…

This past week our assignment for Color Theory and Interior Application was to choose a decade between the 1890’s and the 1990’s and describe and discuss the design and decor that contributed to that style of interiors.

For me, I chose the 1940’s. The decade of war and fear… But also strength and power. Significant days such as D-Day and the attack on Pearl Harbor took place in the mid to early 1940’s.

Decorative styles were suggested to be those that represented a family lifestyle. In the 1940’s most families living at home consisted of just the females until the mid to late 1940’s when the war ended and soldiers returned home. The design style was meant to make those returning from warm feel at home and be in a neutral, “normal”environment.

The two main pattern types used in the 1940’s were of course floral patterns and gingham. Both which are still used today but not in any extreme the way they were used back then. Gingham is almost solely used in picnic blankets and some fashion trends. While floral print is used on a smaller scale for accent purposes, such as throw pillows and blankets.



Just a few things that happened in the 1940’s

  • Marvel’s Captain America
  • The founding of IKEA
  • The invention of Velcro
  • The first sale of the Ball Point Pen
  • The first Bikini
  • Rosie the Riveter
  • Casablanca (need I say more?)

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